Saturday, April 30, 2011

FreshFrankieB - The Daddy Rap

I made up this rap for Jenny's son, Thomas. We've all lived together for 5 years, but since we keep procrastinating with the wedding I can't call him my stepson yet. It would be easier than having to explain this every time I mention him. Anyways...

My name is Frankie.
I'm kind of cranky.
Get on my nerves,
I'm gonna give ya a spanky.
You'll cry so hard,
Ya gonna need a hanky.


  1. I guess, just to be safe, I need a disclaimer here: I don't beat the kids. This was a joke between Thomas and I because he likes rap.

  2. Yo Homey! That was a dope fresh rap!! aaahhh yeeeeaaaaaaah!

  3. My teens years spent blasting the Beastie Boys weren't in vain. Thanks!