Sunday, August 7, 2011


Make yourself a list of solid words that you like or that jump out at ya. Doesn't matter what they are: noun, verb, adjective... Do it. Do it quick! Then use the first word on your list in a sentence or partial sentence and that's the first line of your poem. Now do the same for the second word and the third and so on. It's fun. Try it! Like this:

   The LOVE of my life,
         HATEs it when a,
         CAMERA is thrust in her face.
She'll TWIST away and at
         RANDOM find a place where the
         SOUND of
         BRACKISH seawater slapping
         OUTLANDISH sea shells unearths a
         BILLFOLD lost centuries ago;
         REPORTed lost but actually thrown away with the
         JALOPY the
         UNKIND mechanic swore would never run again.

Cool, huh? Don't remember where I read about this, but I found a bunch of my own ditties in an old notebook. Here's another one:

The MASTER calls, beats me, needing
 An OUTLET for his unwarranted anger. Not
 To VINDICATE his crimes, I'm given
       LUXURY from his hands as well.
      MEA CULPA.

Here's another:

The TRANSIT authority fronts
       NUCLEAR activity aided by
       EBONY men playing
       BADMINTON in Styrofoam hats while
       UKULELE music floats among the
       MISFIT bar stools made of hubcaps and broom handles.
       CARAMEL, my friend, don't
       STAIN your new white shirt.

Last one:

    The CANISTER's sharp edge
Causes PAIN that you don't need to be
          SHERLOCK Holmes to know
          ASPIRIN won't take away to
         NEWFOUNDLAND for a holiday.
  My ORIGINAL plan was to open the
        CANOPY and float to the mountainside
        CRAG. But I'm eating
        LOBSTER while creating
        MACHINEs that'll do it all for me instead.
        KODIAK Bill thinks he's lost in a
        VACUUM where heroin
        NEEDLES scream
        PENITENTIARY songs for the
        QUEEN of all things "moly."
        GOLFing west of the
        KITCHEN chairs in
        LAMINATEd pants of
        FUTURE fashion,
       CARROT-haired Sally
       CARPETbags her days away while
       GARBAGE cans crash, causing her head to ache like
 An ARROW through the eye.
   A PENCHANT for love songs and
      MUSTARD gas tears choke the
      GRAPES of wrath out of the
      CARAVAN of earth-needy people.

Thank-you. GOOD night!


  1. Luckily came to your place.
    Hope to connect with all EBooks Authors helping each others.

  2. Great writing exercise! I might try this next time I get writers block.